The information below is a quick guide. I am working on the mini-course that will be available in September 2017 with an option to purchase a nicely designed printed version of the The Personal Flower Essence Journal. The webinar is a very detailed guidance on how to fully apply the five step process and successfully complete your healing journey. Mini course addresses both – flower essence practitioners and self-healing enthusiasts.



The 5-step Process to Effectively Work with Flower essences

 - Luther Burbank

Flower Essence Selection & Consultations

You can book a quick or more detailed consultation that will allow us to tune in to your energy, pick the flower essences that are most beneficial for you at this moment, tune them to your energy, apply Reiki, crystal or color healing energy and match the crystal if necessary.

Step One: Invocation

You have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.

Before going on the healing journey you can have pick a healing support team that will be at your disposal twenty-four/seven. All you need to do is consciously ask for it. There are several sources to think about, depending on your comfort level and believe system: your Higher Self; other people; guides and teachers; the angelic realm; specific qualities that you want to cultivate or bring into your life. 


One of the laws of the universe is that what we focus on expands. Once you begin to focus on qualities that you want to experience, you find that it is easier to accept the apparent disharmony as an opportunity.

Step Two: Define Your Intention 

Before you start an exciting part of selecting the flower essences it is important to know what is that you want them to address.  Intention is the act in which we determine the result we want to achieve. When we define the intention, we create a specific focal point for selecting flower essences.


Start by identifying your needs, than find the harmonizing qualities that you want to bring into your life. Write down your intention statement similar or like this sample: “My intention is to select the most beneficial flower essence(s) to support my highest good at this time in enhancing (name the qualities), so I can experience harmony with the core cause of (name the issue or concern that you identified)”. Use the intention with any method listed in Step Three.


Step Three: Selecting the Flower Essences 

There are many different methods for selecting flower essences. You can use pendulum, intuitive impression, flower cards, kinesiology or a cross-reference. 


Step Four: Using the Flower Essences

There are various methods of using the flower essences. Be creative and intuitive. Taking flower essences can become a fun part of your daily life, rather than a prescribed medication that you have to take with timer. You can do the full course of one essence or a blend over the period of time, or take it once to deal with the immediate need.


Step Five: Evaluating the Effects

By taking the time to contemplate our experiences as you use flower essences, you gain clarity about your inner life, your feelings, your relationship with yourself, with others, with the universe on the Creator. 

The greatest skill we can master during our lives is the ability to tune in to our inner state.