For Healthcare Practitioners

A growing number of health care practitioners now recognize that patients  with the best outlook on life and who feel emotionally supported tend to recover faster and have fewer reoccurrence of an illness. By incorporating flower essences with other healing therapies, a practitioner can support the client’s emotions, attitudes and spiritual awareness.


Practitioners can intellectually or intuitively pick individual flower essences or mix a custom blend by creating a dosage bottle combining up to five individual essences, two to four drops each.


Flower essences can be added to massage creams and lotions, baths, aura sprays and applied on painful areas, around the body to the aura or on specific meridians and acupressure points.

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For Self-Healing Enthusiasts

We encourage self-study and self-healing and do our best to proved tools and guidance for successful selection of individual essences or making your custom blends. Choose intellectually by defining the issue you want to work on, selecting potential “candidates” from the list of categories and reading the descriptions for each particular essence.


Pick intuitively by using Flower Cards or by looking at flower images in the shop. You may be intuitively drawn to one or more flowers just by looking at them. Other methods of intuitive selection include kinesiology/muscle testing and pendulum to make a selection. You can select and use up to five essences at the same time. 

Share your experience, ask questions, get support on our closed Facebook group In Full Bloom.



Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essence therapy is a practice of using flower essences in a consistence, purposeful way to experience emotional harmony and spiritual well being. The essences can be used  to support or change our emotional attitudes and ways of perceiving. They provide a language that help us understand our inner world and the ways we respond to life and life’s situations. 

Flower essences allow us to see into the soul of things—into ourselves, our world, and all living beings.

~ Lila Devi

Flower Essences for Emotions

By taking flower essences you will learn to understand and accept your emotions as a natural part of yourself. Many of us have been taught, especially in childhood, that there are emotions that are unacceptable, some even became cliche stereotypes like "Big boys don't cry". As a result we learned to suppress or hide those emotions so that others around us would be more comfortable. Flower essences help to recognize your emotions, accept and respect them as a norm. Learn to appropriately express your feelings in a positive way.

Emotions, Attitudes and Traumas As Physical Manifestations

Various researches prove that physical manifestations of symptoms have their roots in emotions and attitudes. Flower essences can help us recognize our attitudes and effectively change them, providing a release of the cause of certain physical ailments.
Healing is about recovering and integrating parts of ourselves that were ignored or  lost from our awareness. It is about letting go of the past, so we can change our narrow perspective and step in into broader consciousness. 
When your life becomes fixated on the physical aspects, the tendency is to follow a process that involves tangible materials and immediate physical changes. Try to keep a simple journal to keep track of before/after states of your wellbeing. Write down all your feelings, emotions, insights and discoveries that may occur to you during the course of taking a flower essence.

Your Journey. You are not Alone.

Sudden increase in sensitivity and emotions may be challenging. I created a private closed Facebook group “In Full Bloom” where you can share the journey with like-minded people and the community, ask questions and get support.


This is a place to discuss your experiences, ask questions, share and receive  insights on taking Flower Essences, as well as deciphering and understanding the language that Nature communicates with us.

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