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Upcoming Events, Classes, Workshops and Webinars.
Thu, Apr 09
Songbird Community Healing Center
Hydrosols and Aromatic Waters: The Gentle Aromatherapy
Learn what the hydrosols are and how to distill them on copper alembic. Sample and try this God-sent aromatic waters while learning how to use them in skincare, household, to prevent and treat diseases, and for culinary purposes.
Thu, May 07
Songbird Community Healing Center
Flower Essences: A Psychotherapy In The Bottle
Learn what the flower essences can do for emotional healing anf wellbeing. Learn to make them in the "laboratory of nature"and enhance the potency with meditation, crystal grids, and other creative energy tools.
Thu, Mar 12
Songbird Community Healing Center
Art, Science, and Craft of Artisanal Distillation.
Learn the basics of distilling on a traditional split column copper alembic (there will be a demo 10 Liter still in the classroom) and understand the difference between two products of distillation: essential oils and aromatic waters (hydrosols). You can sample dozens of high-quality essential oils
Sun, Feb 09
Location is TBD
Shadow Quest: How to Get to Know and Integrate Your Dark Side
Did you know that the biggest block to your self-mastering and spiritual growth is your own Shadow? Shadow integration is probably the most critical process for authentic psychological growth.