The first method of healing is to cure the spirit; the second is
to give knowledge of how to restore the body.

~ Nei Ching

Crystals are millions of years old, forged during the earliest parts of earth’s formation. They are the most orderly structure that exists in nature, meaning they have the lowest amount of entropy (a measurement for disorder). Crystals are structured in such a way that they respond to the inputs of all different energies around them, leading them to oscillate and emit specific vibratory frequencies. Because the crystal lattice is so balanced and orderly, the energy it emits is consistent, and when dissonant energy is inputted, it is balanced and transformed into a harmonic energy. 


The disease can be seen as an imbalance or blockage in our energy flow. It starts in the energy field and then becomes transmuted to the level where it manifests as a physical condition. The cause of the disease is often related to psychological or physical trauma or both. In order for healing to take place, there has to be a rebalancing of the energy body. 

Crystal healing works on the principle that every cell in the body vibrates at a specific frequency. When these frequencies change from the natural resonant frequency (our “healthy state”), we become ill. Crystals also oscillate at their own natural frequency. The natural healing frequency of the crystal is activated by the healer’s intention. The crystal then transmits and amplifies the correct frequency to the cells in the body that require balancing. Then, following the laws of resonance, these cells are returned to their normal base frequency which will then bring the body back into harmony and restore health.

Crystals in a Context of Healing