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Maitri Private Healing Program with Anna Bazarnaya is a combination of Flower Essence Therapy and Psychologic Aromatherapy, with elements of gentle psychology, intuitive channeling, and Reflector's feedback. 

This series of private sessions is a powerful solution whether you need to work through a particular flaring issue, unstuck and get clarity of life direction, strengthen your spiritual path, or to go deep into unresolved emotional experiences from childhood.

Initial Maitri Private Program

Initial Private Session (60 minutes)

The Initial Maitri Private Session defines and jumpstarts your healing journey. During the session, we look at your current issues in light of past experiences. We will examine the childhood emotional traumas or any significant episodes from the past as keys to understanding your current needs or reactions. Then we decide which pressing issues we will tackle first. 

Two Follow-Up Private Sessions (35 minutes)

Follow-up sessions are scheduled every month or month-and-a-half. These sessions continue your healing journey, and each session is a step of a process that unfolds over a more extended period. We will begin by evaluating the changes and progress that happened since the last meeting and continue working at soul issues in the light of past experiences, childhood emotional, significant episodes from the past, as well as address the current needs or flared up issues, triggers, and reactions. 


How are the sessions constructed:

  • You book your Initial or Follow-up Private Session and fill the online questionnaire. 

  • Most of the session is dedicated to the discussion of your life story, needs, goals, insights, and progress on a Zoom video call.

  • We wrap up the session with a discussion of the healing plan, your rituals, practices, journal prompts and how to integrate the custom formula and suggested products in your life, Q&A.


What you will receive after each session:

  • A personalized 30 ml flower essence formula after each session that will support the healthy movement of change and growth needed. It will last about 30 days, a time typically required to notice the shift.

  • Notes and "reflections" on the session,

  • A mantra, affirmation, and a ritual for the next month. Recommended reading and practices, techniques, and a list of resources will be emailed to you within the next two business days.

  • A link to download your recorded session (will be available for two weeks after the day of the session, which you can request again later).

Cost of the Initial Maitri Private Program:

​$250 for three sessions. A payment plan is available.


IMPORTANT: The results and progress depend on your participation in the healing journey. Following the instructions for use and regularity of taking your formula and suggested products, carving daily Maitri reflection time, plus documenting/journaling your insights, struggles, and changes expedite your healing process. The absence of recording and reflection complicates tracking and evaluating the results.

Continuous Maitri Private Sessions

After you complete the Initial Maitri Private Program, you can book your sessions individually as needed or buy a value package of three sessions.


The Custom Flower Essence formula is no longer included in the cost as we may switch from Custom Formula to True Self Aromatherapy and Flower Essence formulas. As you progress, your self-awareness grows, you become more entuned with your intuition and can feel, decide, and order products that you need at this particular time.

Do you have any questions? Or not sure if we are the right fit? Let's schedule a free 1:1 call to help you decide.

About Anna

Anna Bazarnaya is a Reflector, who is acting as a mirror, designed to be extremely empathetic and to understand humans in a deep nonjudgemental way.

Reflector's task is to give the rest of humanity a true undistorted reflection of where they are at, and how they are doing in life. Anna is a clinical aromatherapist, intuitive healer and professionally trained flower essence therapy practitioner.


She works with over 200 flower essences from the repertory of FES, Dr Bach Flower Remedies and Maitri Verde's own collection. 

When I let go of what I am,

I become what I might be.

~ Lao Tzu

Heal Your Wounded Inner Child, Integrate Your Shadow Side and Strip The False Self

We each have our history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events and the significant people around us. Our Inner Child has stored those memories and their impact upon us. The False Self is an artificial persona that we create very early in life in when good enough parenting was NOT in place to protect our inner child and we made ‘decisions’ at a subconscious level, about how we ‘should’ be and what we ‘should’ do in order to be seen as OK, and to be allowed to stay around and to ‘survive’ in our families.


Our later experiences reinforce these limiting beliefs and form our own "script" for how our life "should" be. We carry these immature scripts and decisions with us into adulthood allowing them to run our lives more than 90% of the time.

Your biography is a unique journey of the soul. By bringing personal history into the light of consciousness, it is possible to identify limiting believes, destructive behavior and emotional patterns that are underlying current life challenges. address them by the safe, gentle but powerful flower essence and aromatherapy.

You can finally: 

  • Become aware of the real cause of mental/emotional symptoms

  • Release painful triggers and coping mechanisms 

  • Stop destructive behavior patterns 

  • End cycles of self-sabotaging and perfectionism

  • Get the love and support you really want

  • Operate from the full range of emotions

  • Cultivate self-love and become comfortable in your own body

  • Access your inner knowing and embrace your unique talents and gifts

Stripping away your False Self is the best way forward. A Private Healing program with Anna Bazarnaya is a combination of Flower Essence Therapy and Psychological Aromatherapy with elements of gentle psychology, emotional and lifestyle support, intuitive and reflective guidance based on your personal history. Whether you need to work through a particular issue, go deep into unresolved emotional experiences from childhood, or strengthen your existing path - private sessions offer a powerful supportive solution.

How To Decide if Maitri Verde's Private Healing Program is What You Need? 

The perfect time to work with flower essences and psychological aromatherapy is at times when you need to address your response to pain, discomfort or dissatisfaction with the way you perceive the world or yourself. You will definitely benefit from the healing effect of the flower essences if you answer YES to one or more of the following questions:


  1. You lost a sense of Self, don't know who you are?

  2. Are you looking for love and want to be loved and appreciated?

  3. You are not sure what you want, what your needs are and how to announce and stay true to them?

  4. Are you looking for a Soul Mate that will love and accept you for who you are?

  5. Have you been presented with a seemingly difficult problem in life and need to see a bigger picture? Or need to make a decision/choice aligned with your True Self?

  6. You are experiencing a big change or transition, such as a change in your work, relationship, financial or living situation?

  7. Is a concept or perspective that was always true for you no longer working?

  8. Did you recognize that things are not the way you would like them to be, and you don’t know what or how to change?

  9. You realized that you don’t know your life purpose, either spiritually or in a more mundane sense, and feel a need to define it?

  10. Do you feel an emptiness inside and want to learn and understand your spiritual self?

  11. Do you have an uncomfortable mental or emotional response to a situation or a person?

  12. Do you have trouble connecting and expressing your true feelings and emotions, feel "numb" as a coping/defensive mechanism to deal with painful reality?

  13. Did you become aware of repetitive behavior and self-destructive behavior patterns?

  14. You have addictions you can't overcome (food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping, sex, gambling, etc.)?

  15. You noticed problematic relationship patterns including co-dependency, lack of fulfillment, problems with intimacy and expression of sexuality?

  16. You feel worried, uneasy or experiencing a feeling that you can not define?

  17. Are you acting out behavior that you don’t like, but don’t know how to change it?

  18. Did you have a spiritual experience that you can’t explain, understand or have a hard time integrating?

  19. Are you in the midst of a transformational experience and seek support to make the journey more peaceful?

  20. You see that your believes and perspectives are limited and want to change it?

  21. Are you dealing with physical or emotional healing that feels overwhelming or unending?

  22. Have you given up hope and don't know how to change?

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