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I am Anna Bazarnaya - a healer, an artist, a gardener, a distiller, an alchemist and a plant whisperer. I am the founder and the driving force of Maitri Verde and currently live and work between Costa Rica, one of the greenest and happiest countries in the world, and California, a state of cliff-lined beaches, breathtaking redwood forests and high Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

I was born in Russia, lived in California and travelled around the world, including the Blue Zone of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. In 2016 the dramatic experience of my own healing journey with all its breakthroughs, intensive studies, collected knowledge and practice of multiple spiritual disciplines developed into the business that is became Maitri Verde.

My path is deeply rooted in seeking to understand human pain and suffering. Only through loving kindness, patience and compassion is it possible to shed the False Self, re-connect with the True Self and find the love inside your heart that will lead you to the state of happiness that we all aim to achieve. The pains and burdens I once bore and eventually overcame are the source of wisdom and healing power for others.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share the wisdom and power of Nature that gives us the gift of plant medicine to bring our body, mind, soul and spirit to its healthiest and most balanced state.

With Loving Kindness,

 Anna  Bazarnaya

I am a Modern Mystic

I believe in the power of nature. I study and apply ancient knowledge and practices in combination with the break-throughs of modern science. I embrace logic, intuition and empathy. When combined and applied together, they help me find a unique solution for a product formula or to a case study.
My professional development occurred through my own personal healing journey. After decades of abusive relationships, limited believes, eating disorders and ongoing physical complaints I managed the way to heal myself. I re-connected back to my True Self, found my life purpose and am healing my Wounded Inner Child.    


My professional training/certifications include:

200-RYT Hatha Yoga Instructor certified (YogaWorks)

Clinical Aromatherapist certified by Aroma Apothecary
Healing Arts Academy and NAHA

Certified Plant Spirit Herbalist 

Professional Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner trained by FES of California

Formulator of Botanical Body Care Products trained by New York Institute Of Aromatic Studies

Certified Usui Reiki practitioner

BFA in Graphic Design (AAU of San Francisco)


I am a proud member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) and FES (Flower Essence Society).

The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected.

~ Carl Jung 

Every person is unique. And I believe that treatments should be formulated specifically for each individual, taking into consideration the date and place of birth, constitution, current state of body and mind, stress level, geographic location, season, lifestyle. 

I have created  general blends that benefit everybody but for more complicated issues I encourage you to work with me and create  individual blends or a combination of remedies to achieve best results.

I share the knowledge of how to understand yourself, acknowledge your needs, embrace your emotions, understand the cause and effect of what shows up as a dis-ease and navigate your life with confidence.

My Path of Wounded Healer

Any coach or healer who tells you that he is completely healed is either lying to you or is in self-denial. What makes us qualified to do what we do is not being fully healed, but recognizing the parts of ourselves that are in need of healing, and continually opening ourselves to further growth, wholeness, love and compassion. It is a continuous, wondrous, amazing journey of truth and expansion. 


Carl Jung believed that a malady of the soul could be the best possible form of training for a Healer. The pains and burdens one bears and eventually overcomes is the source of wisdom and healing power for others. The Wounded Healer understands what the patient feels, because he has gone through the same pain. The Healer's experience is what makes him a brother of the patient, rather than his master. This triggers a fundamental change in perspective. Because he has learned through experience, he is able to feel empathy instead of just sympathy. 


I enjoy the study and practice of Jungian psychology, medical astrology, mythology and symbolism and expand my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the theory of 5 elements, Ayurveda, traditional and Latino herbalism, and shamanism. I am currently enrolled into multiple programs at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, New York Institute of Aromatic Studies and Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy.


I was always intrigued by the many similarities across world belief systems, sacred texts, myths and spiritual practices as a gateway to our True Self and to the collective unconscious. I researched how our body communicates the emotional needs of the soul through its expressive language of symptoms and diseases, and points to unresolved issues and traumas stored in the subconscious

I offer to help anyone decode what their body is trying to communicate, to address emotional needs, help find your life’s purpose and choose the right path, embrace your individuality, accept your strengths and weaknesses, and break the cycles of habitual patterns and destructive behavior.  


Other people are going to find healing in your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. 

~ Rick Warren  

Contact Me

Schedule a consultation, receive a questionnaire, ask a question or share a business idea.

email: anna@maitriverde.com

tel in USA: +1 415 450 0947

tel in Costa Rica: +506 8371 0701

Globally through WhatsApp: +1 415 450 0947