Maitri is a concept of unconditional love and friendliness towards Yourself. In other words, it is an ability to relax with yourself, to feel at home in your own body, with your own mind, and in your own world.


We often walk through life holding the wounds from the past, weighed down by restrictions, obligations, false beliefs, expectations and toxic shame piled on us by our families, social and cultural conditioning. In the fast pace world of stress and constant disruption, we forget that we are born to be individuals, to experience ebb-and-flow, ride a roller coaster of constant changes, to express ourselves fully by utilizing our unique gifts and to keep our hearts open to give and receive love. This is what living life as True Self is - a spontaneous authentic experience when every day is an awe-filled with joy, love, and sense of purpose.


Mental and emotional symptoms, eating disorders, addictions and relationship problems, lost sense of self, co-dependency and emotionally based physical symptoms are indicators that you function as your False Self and have a lot of unresolved raw trauma.

Maitri Verde's specialty is revealing, processing and releasing trauma hidden in the subconscious and manifesting in many forms ranging from physical or verbal to mental and emotional. My consulting program and a line of natural holistic products were created to make your body thrive and soul sing again, befriend yourself on the deepest non-judgmental level, cultivate self-love, understand and operate using the full range of emotions.

What once began as a personal quest for health and finding life purpose, has grown into a program with a set of supporting products to safely help anyone identify and heal emotional and physical trauma from the past, re-connect with the True Self, re-calibrate your inner compass and navigate to the safe waters of the desired future.

I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become.”

~ Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Heal Your Wounded Inner Child, the Echo of the Child You Once Were.

We each have our history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events and the significant people around us. Our Inner Child has stored those memories and their impact upon us. The False Self is an artificial persona that we create very early in life in when good enough parenting was NOT in place to protect our inner child and we made ‘decisions’ at a subconscious level, about how we ‘should’ be and what we ‘should’ do in order to be seen as OK, and to be allowed to stay around and to ‘survive’ in our families.


Our later experiences reinforce these limiting beliefs and form our own "script" for how our life "should" be. We carry these immature scripts and decisions with us into adulthood allowing them to run our lives more than 90% of the time.

Your biography is a unique journey of the soul. By bringing personal history into the light of consciousness, it is possible to identify limiting believes, destructive behavior and emotional patterns that are underlying current life challenges. address them by the safe, gentle but powerful flower essence and aromatherapy.

You can finally: 

  • Become aware of the real cause of mental/emotional symptoms

  • Release painful triggers and coping mechanisms 

  • Stop destructive behavior patterns 

  • End cycles of self-sabotaging and perfectionism

  • Get the love and support you really want

  • Operate from the full range of emotions

  • Cultivate self-love and become comfortable in your own body

  • Access your inner knowing and embrace your unique talents and gifts

Stripping away your False Self is the best way forward. 
A private session with Anna Bazarnaya is a combination of Flower Essence Therapy, with elements of gentle psychology, emotional and lifestyle support, intuitive and reflective guidance. Whether you need to work through a particular issue, go deep into unresolved emotional experiences from childhood, or strengthen your existing path - a consultation is a powerful supportive solution.

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Fall Support Collection

A seasonal routine is an investment in your health and vitality. While the specifics may vary from one person to the next, we all stand to benefit from aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature throughout the year. This Fall, embrace the unique gifts of autumn and—with the help of an appropriate seasonal routine. Enjoy it from a place of stability, humility, and gratitude,