The first method of healing is to cure the spirit; the second is
to give knowledge of how to restore the body.

~ Nei Ching

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

~ Ryunosuke Satoro

Reaching for The Stars with Olga Mixon

Jyotish is an “eye of Vedas” that shines light onto one’s life path. Maitri Verde partneres with Olga Mixon, a talented expert in Vedic astrology who offers personal natal chart readings and help us create custom herbal and aromatic blends based on person's planetary alignments.

Olga wants to inspire people on their path of self-growth and alleviate the fear of the future. She feels honored to help you discover your inner potential and help you thrive, using the ancient science of Jyotish. 


Olga Mixon offers variety of the readings through the remote Skype sessions: birth chart reading, Muhurtha - calculation of an auspicious date for new beginnings, Prashna - answer to specific question, location reading. Discover your unique planetary makeup and act with confidence, clarity, and at the right time.  

Creative Collaboration with Alice Duvernell and Biophilia Botanicals

Alice Encinas Duvernell, MA, is a French Ethno-Botanist who specializes in restorative community herbal aromatic therapies and product design for healing, culinary and cosmetic purposes. She is a founder, formulator and product designer of Biophilia Botanicals. The company delivers original, transformative, artisan crafted cosmetics of the highest purity, botanical extracts, and aromatic edibles for all ages and genders. 

Alice has been living for the past 10 years in the California San Francisco Bay area teaching adults and children how to reconnect to their body through our heart connection to nature and self-healing power. Some of her specialty domains are the medical and cosmetic uses of bee products, clays and oligo-minerals, homeopathy, cosmeceuticals, essential oils, botanical extraction techniques and herbal therapy. 

Maitri Verde partners with Biophilia Botanicals to distribute products in Northern America and to supply of pure natural ingredients of hydrosols, essential oils, botanical extracts for the aromatherapy and skincare products.