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3-Day Workshop in Costa Rica: Medicine Making for Healing, Self-Care & Personal Transformation.

With a certain mindset and understanding of alchemy, every routine - from cooking, self-care to addressing a dis-ease can transform into a ritual, where every meal and product becomes a medicine.


Join Anna Bazarnaya (Maitri Verde) and Alice Duvernell (Biophilia Botanicals) for a July Full Buck Moon/Lunar Eclipse celebration and a two-day, intensive hands-on and demo workshop in the heart of Costa Rica - the lush and green Nicoya Peninsula, the Blue Zone of Central America. 


​You will learn how to make your own botanical extracts: tinctures, glycerites, infused oils, flower essences, essential oils and hydrosols, and how to use them to make your customized products, including all-natural facial toners and luxury serums.

You will take home your own custom made flower essence, herbal tincture or glycerite, an oil infusion, luxury facial toner and serum.

Dates and Location: July 27–29, 2018 in Armonía eco-village in Montezuma, Puntarenas.

Price: $275 for two days or $150 for one day, including material cost. 
Herbal tea and water are provided. Healthy vegetarian lunches are $25 extra per day.

Alice Duvernell

Alice Encinas Duvernell, MA, is a French Ethno-Botanist who specializes in restorative community herbal aromatic therapies and product design for healing, culinary and cosmetic purposes.

Anna Bazarnaya

Anna Bazarnaya is a modern mystic who specializes in plant communication, vibrational medicine, clinical aromatherapy, aromatic distillation and natural botanical skincare.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.

~ John Muir

Event Details

FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2018, 5:00pm–8pm
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Celebration, Free Lecture and a Ritual


During this exciting evening together we will talk, laugh, eat, drink and discuss:

  • What does it mean to be a unique one-of-a-kind individual but be connected to the universal subconscious 

  • Plant medicine and its personalization for each individual

  • The holistic approach to imbalances and dis-eases

  • Planetary influences, cycles, rhythms and patterns in nature and how they apply to medicine making

  • Feminine and Masculine energies within every individual

  • Creating your own rituals 

  • The journey of the soul through medicine making

  • Distillation and how it is related to personal transformation

  • The stages of the alchemical journey and the great marriage

SATURDAY, JULY 28, 2018, 9:00pm–5pm with 1 hour lunch break
Botanical Extracts for the Medicine Making


The agenda of the Day One includes:

  • Opening circle, setting intention and making a ritual

  • What is vibrational medicine and flower essences? How do they work and how to make them?

  • Garden meditation followed by making a flower essence

  • Human intention and general guidelines for holistic harvesting botanicals for medicine making

  • Tincture for internal and external use, ratios for dry/fresh 

  • Glycerites for internal and external use, ratios for dry/fresh

  • Working with elements, planets and moon cycles

  • Herbal Medicine tasting

  • Hands-on medicine making: a tincture or a glycerite and an infused oil 

You will take home a herbal tincture or a glycerite, a jar of oil infusion and a flower essence.

SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2018, 9:00pm–5pm with 1 hour lunch break

Distillation as an Aromatherapy and Alchemical Experience. Making Essential oils and Botanical distillates (aka hydrosols) and your Personalized Skincare Products.


The agenda of the Day Two includes:

  • The Art and Science of Distillation as an alchemical process

  • A demo distillation of a seasonal plant on a 10 Liter copper still

  • What is a hydrosol and an essential oils and its various applications from self-care to cooking

  • Make your own toner with hydrosols and botanical extracts

  • Concept of Slow and Edible Cosmetics, and how to feed yourself from inside and outside

  • Natural beauty routines

  • Make a gel base serum customized for skin type and age with botanical extracts

You will take home a 60ml face toner, and a 30 ml luxury facial serum.



Price and Enrollment


$275 for two days including material fees ($80 value). Pay in full or reserve your spot with a 50% deposit.





$150 one workshop only including material fees ($50 value).  Pay in full or reserve your spot with a 50% deposit.




Healthy organic lunch is provided for $25/day (paid in cash on the day of the event)

Class is limited to15 students

Relax and Learn Vacation Package

Give yourself a gift of a transformational vacation in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica. Relax, connect with nature, and learn to make your own Medicine Making as a path to personal transformation. 

3 nights on a luxury villa, with constant breezes, mesmerizing ocean and mountain views, and a cooling, salt water infinity pool. The workshops will be hold in the common area

The large upstairs master bedroom features a shower that looks out onto the sea. Practice yoga on the spacious, private patio located just outside the bedroom’s large sliding glass doors.

The downstairs en suite bedrooms have charms of their own. The poolside bedroom offers its own patio, perfect for reading or just soaking in the view while sitting in comfy, teak Adirondack chairs. The second downstairs bedroom has an “outdoor” shower with eye-level screened windows.


Delicious Add-Ons

Connect to the Water Element: diving or snorkeling depending on your level, a truly meditative experience

Meditation. Find a practice/style that works for you

Private flower essence and aromatherapy consultations

Nature Talks to Those Who Listens: a workshop on understanding the nature symbolism and signs that it sends to you

Cacao Ceremony and Plant Journeys

Horseback Riding, 2-Day Ride and Equestrian Therapy 

Bird- and Wildlife Watching, Plant Walks

Private and group yoga classes

Surfing and SUP